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SHERPA Universal electronically controlled loading system for stretchers Equipped with S.U.S. (Safe Unload System)

SHERPA makes the stretchers loading extremely easy, eliminating the effort of the operator during the pushing phase. During the unload phase, thanks to the S.U.S. device, it guarantees maximum safety for the patient and the operator.
The system is equipped with a double safety device, during the discharge phase: the first consists of the control of the output speed by the operator and the second consists of the S.U.S. system. In presence of an accidental obstacle during the descent phase, the S.U.S. system stops the operation, preventing the stretcher from getting out of the operator's control when the obstacle is removed. In this way it is possible to avoid, for example, the fall of the stretcher if its legs do not open. SHERPA, unlike other systems, has been designed to leave the natural position of the doctor unaltered during patient interventions, avoiding his displacing and the consequent difficulties during resuscitation practices. Its highly ergonomic shape therefore allows operators to work in a correct and comfortable position. SHERPA is easily applicable to all STEM stretcher supports and does not require additional electrical connections, being powered by an independent battery.
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Technical information

  • Stretcher support load
  • Maximum capacity 300 kg
  • Support weight
  • Weight 11 kg
  • Power supply
  • Absorption 20 A Max
  • supporto barella dimensioni
  • Dimensions 345x313x175mm 13”1/2x12”1/3x7”
  • Supporto barella elettrico
  • Supply batteria Li-Ion 25.2 DC, 5.0 Ah
  • omologato
  • Certifications & Homologations 2006/28/CE EMC - 2006/42/CE