STEM Technology

32-year experience at client's disposal

STEM, founded in 1986 by Ezio Menna, produces a large range of Stretcher supports for ambulances and Retractable steps for professional and rescue vehicles , suitable for most of the vehicles on the market, basing its success on innovation, specialized design and quality of each single detail, made exclusive by many international patents.

We design and produce each single item, by offering all the necessary support for installation and customer assistance
  • Who we are

  • Stem technology
  • The company is certified to ISO 9001-2015 and it has costantly growing since its foundation.
  • What we do

  • Stem products
  • Retractable steps for professional and rescue vehicles and Stretcher supports for ambulances.

Clients and Partners

The quality of its customer service, both direct and through dealers, has helped to make STEM a world leader, present in over 38 countries, with a medium-term development programme in new markets all over the world.


Stem steps and stretcher supports